Bistar Hostels

Bistar has years of experience with welcoming and supervising travellers.

About Our Hostel

The hostels are great places for a nice time with your friends, your club or your colleagues. It is even possible to organize a party at a beautiful location. In addition, Bistar offers fully-catered experiences: a unique adventure with a strong theme. Contemporary hostels with Economic and Unrivaled stay. Bistar offers no unnecessary luxury, but a well-catered stay in informal surroundings. There is also plenty of opportunity to meet other people. There are countless excursion options from our hostels: soaking up art and culture in town, exploring the markets or getting some fresh air. The word ‘Bistar’ (बिस्तर) is the word casually used for a ‘bed’, which is what you exactly need when you’re traveling places! But it comes for a price and we get that you’re a traveler, so the budget is self explanatory. You want to spend more on the experiences and less on the stay, which is what we exactly offer or maybe even better! With bistar hostels, you have the experience and stay in a budget price which suits your pocket and help you save some buck for your next travel adventure. That’s not all, we are always based in comfort locations with coordinated views and we make you experience your travel the local way and with the things you actually have to do or see in your to do list, there by cutting time and spending rest of it partying the local way or the best friendly way possible. We also have our café in the location with amazing gastronomic twists and tastes to your liking. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your Boriya and head to #BistarHostels

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