Hotel Graphy Nezu

Tucked away on a corner in the middle of historical Tokyo, Hotel Graphy Nezu can be found in the charming, traditional Yanesen neighborhood.

About Our Hostel

Here, travelers from all over the world and locals can come together and enjoy their time in manifold ways. Unexpected encounters, a variety of events, and many more things will make sure your visit to Hotel Graphy Nezu will be an unforgettable one. The lounge with its sofas, round table, and quiet den has something for everyone from small groups, couples, and families to individual travelers. The sofas and chairs complementing the homely decor make it a pleasant area to sit and chat, play games, or indulge in a good book, while the big-screen TV offers additional entertainment. Two Mac desktop PCs can be used free of charge around the clock. The cafe/bar on the first floor of the hotel with its warm wooden design and spacious terrace does not only serve delicious food from early in the morning, but it is also a comfortable space with lots of natural light to read, work, or just hang out. The staff will be more than happy to help you plan your next adventure of the day.

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