Jungle Hotel

Jungle hotel is located ideally in the very heart of a brick shaped cit. right between Yazd famous mosque (Jameh Mosque )and Alexander prison, which you can visit most of the attraction visiting places by walk.

About Our Hostel

The 13 rooms with 36 beds and 4 sofa combine the art of modern living with historical ambiance including (1 single,1 double,5 twin, 1 triple,1 four beds,1 five beds,1 VIP double rooms. Hotel facilities:
  • Highest roof top in the area
  • Elevator
  • Free parking
  • Free 24 hours tea
  • 3 special rooms with panoramic ceiling
  • 24 hours reception having 2 yards with terrace and arbour, pairs, solo travelers and families with children will feel right at home in our lovely furnished house.

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