Paper Plane Hostel

Best Location for Backpackers: Paper Plane Hostel is only one MRT subway station away from Kaohsiung train station. The MRT subway station Houyi (R12 Exit 4) is just beside us.

About Our Hostel

Comfortable Lobby: We provide a wide and comfortable hangout area. We have free filtered water and free soft drinks to let you have a drink and relax at our lobby. There is a shared kitchen, and we are just near the traditional market, so you are welcome to enjoy cooking here. Also we have clean shared-shower rooms & washlets for your comfortable stay. Dorms: We provide 6,8,14 people dorm rooms. Comfortable beds and pillows from luxury hotels in our dorm rooms provides you a nice dream. There is a curtain and a locker for every bed to make you feel private and safe. Each dormitory bed has a USB port and international socket, which are both important for travelers.

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