The Millennials Fukuoka

The Millennials Fukuoka is a capsule hotel is located on the 3rd floor of one of our other hotels called THE LIVELY HAKATA FUKUOKA (which is more like a regular hotel).

About Our Hostel

We call that Hotel-in-Hotel. Basically, every guest staying at The Millennials can enjoy all the benefits and common spaces of The Lively Hotel, including a Bar, Restaurant, two banquet halls, and a coworking space. Perfect for people on a budget who still want to have a regular hotel experience during the day. Located in the bustling Nakasu district, just steps away from Nakasu-Kawabata Station and the Naka River, and only a 10-min ride from Fukuoka’s International Airport, The Lively Hakata Fukuoka hotel is the ideal destination for your next trip. This hotel offers 224 rooms and five types that will provide both leisure and business travelers with a hip, high-tech experience, and an unforgettable stay. The Lobby acts as a giant open space that spreads throughout the entire hotel. At the center of the spacious main lobby is the bar lounge/front desk, which is designed to encourage guests to interact with one another from the start of their stay (while respecting social distancing). Inspired by urban underground sub-cultures, the concept of the hotel is made to unleash creativity while blending with technology. By mixing Street Art and High-tech, guests will be presented with an experience never had before. Whether it’s a professional DJ playing on stage, or specially engineered BGM that flows throughout the hotel, music represents a big part of the experience and will transport guests through a unique beat of life.

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