Hush Hostel Lounge

Hush Hostel Lounge is in the heart of the Asian Side of Istanbul, in trendy Kadıköy District; a neighborhood soaked in art, history and night life.

About Our Hostel

Come and meet the locals who color and enliven the real Istanbul. Feel the pulse of the city as you explore vibrant streets, hidden courtyards, local life and culture.

Hush is in close proximity to a public transportation hub that services the whole city with metro lines, buses, mini buses and ferries. The ferry connection to the historical Sultanahmet Area is fast and convenient, offering beautiful views of the city.

The common area of the hostel consists of a guest kitchen and a cozy lounge area. The hostel also has two spacious gardens for full relaxation and a terrace with lounge chairs and an authentic view of the city. With its high ceilings and contemporary art works, your experience at Hush Hostel Lounge will be refreshingly original.



+90 216 450 4363


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