UB Guesthouse

UB guesthouse was founded in 2000. Locates in the city center, only 3 minutes walking distance from the main square (Sukhbaatar square).

About Our Hostel

Now we are famous for our super clean house, helpful staff, punctual service and stable price. 24 hour security works at the main gate. 1.Visa Support please ask for visa support letter, if you have a confirmed booking (this letter is free of charge) support visa extension 2.Pick-up & drop off services
  • Airport pick up service is $25 USD from the old airport (23 km away from the city), but $50 USD from the new
  • airport (55 km away from the city)
  • airport drop off service charge is same as above
  • train station pick up service is free of charge
  • train station drop off service is free of charge
3.Guesthouse services
  • 24-hour open
  • check-in 11:00 AM
  • check-out 10:00 AM (however, free to leave your luggage until departure time)
  • free breakfast
  • free Wi-Fi for 24 hours
  • curfew at midnight (for your safety)
  • free city map
  • free information
  • free locker service
  • free to use kitchen
  • free hot shower 24 hours
  • storage room
  • washing machine (washing detergent is free)
  • ironing desk
  • steamed iron
  • message board
  • common bath & toilets (there are plenty)
4.Bed & room
  • single room $20 USD per night
  • twin room (bunk bed) $22 USD per room, per night
  • double room (double bed) $25 USD per room, per night
  • dorm bed – 4 bedroom $8 USD per bed, per night
  • dorm bed – 6 bedroom $8 USD per bed, per room (has a big balcony)
  • all room has no private bath & toilet
  • all rooms no smoking
  • Bed size is 1m x 2m, with private lights, lining, sleepers are provided.
  • Mongolia is naturally windy country. Airconditioner is not useful.
5.Other services
  • tours to countryside (Gobi desert, National Parks, Lakes, visit \help nomadic families, ancient capital, horse and camel riding)
  • city tour (museum, shopping, concert and sightseeing)
  • flight ticket booking (no commission)
  • train ticket booking (lowest commission)
  • short-term language classes (basic Mongolian, basic Russian, basic Chinese – helps you to travel border countries)
  • short-term training classes (to learn how to make a handmade felt souvenirs, traditional dishes, traditional clothes)
6.Area information
  • Russian, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Indian, Thailand, Canadian, Italian, Finland, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian Embassies and Consulates are nearby
  • car parking is available with payment at nearby area
  • cafe shop
  • best bakery
  • pharmacy
  • dentist
  • police
  • post office
  • parcel service
  • supermarket
  • souvenir shop
  • shopping centers
  • whole sale market
  • garden
  • bank
  • ATM
  • bus stop
  • grocery
  • stationary
  • fast food
  • restaurant
  • pub
  • cinema
  • main Temple
  • most top universities
  • library
  • theatres
  • museums
  • airline offices
  • exchange offices
  • barber shop
  • beauty shop
  • massage shop
  • tailoring shop
  • optic shop
  • cell\phone services … are all around us.

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