Hostel Mare

Hostel Mare is an acclaimed hostel located just across the old city center of Sibenik in the middle of the Croatia coastline.

About Our Hostel

With a unique position, situated on the seaside but hidden inside the canyon of river Krka, you may recognize it as Braavos from Game of Thrones series. With a rich history (one of the first cities in the world with electricity), two national parks, UNESCO cathedral, and small habitant islands its perfect place for everyone. We are the first hostel in Sibenik and still one of the biggest hostels in the area with more than 40 beds, including dorms, and private rooms. Our heart and soul is implemented in this family-run business from the very beginning. Together we built, designed, organized, and decorated this space so that everyone who is coming feels welcomed and accepted. Our guests are also our friends, and if you wish to experience real Dalmatia and Sibenik let us guide you through all the secret corners of our home city. We are always giving our best so that everyone can see and fell Sibenik through our eyes because Sibenik is one of the hidden gems in Croatia, as well as at Earth.

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