Long Story Short Hostel

Located in the historical centre of Olomouc, Long Story Short is for anyone who is looking for a break from the ordinary. Instead of chasing profit, we focus on comfort, quality and experience in all that we do.

About Our Hostel

As we are a creative bunch and we wanted to take the experience of our guests to another level, at the beginning of 2020 we launched Long Story Short Eatery and Bakery which would make the experience, together with the Moravia’s finest produce, complete. Little did we know, that the current situation happening across the world would stop us in our tracks so abruptly. Our dream was and still is to make our little hometown even nicer and to welcome people from all corners of the world to share the Czech Republic’s best-kept secret. The hostel currently offers accommodation in several dorm rooms as well as private rooms, with a total capacity of 56 beds. The private rooms offer a complex level of comfort, all with private bathrooms, not to mention the wedding suite with its open-space bathtub. Bigger dorm rooms, which include a uniquely conceived layout of the sleeping zones, do not include private bathrooms, but this is compensated by the well-equipped shared bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen. The reception, which is simultaneously a common room and a cafe, is the heart of the hostel. The U-shaped layout of the hostel coils around the building’s central courtyard. As well as accommodation, the hostel also offers breakfast and a daily menu in a café which serves great home-made soups, sandwiches, and desserts. The hostel itself is constantly expanding. In summer the common areas and the café are extended with an outdoor terrace with an original outside grill and bar for summer days filled with live music, dance theme nights or acoustic concerts. New addition to the Long Story Short concept is a restaurant Eatery & Bakery which opened in the beginning of 2020. Eatery has app. 90 seats inside and 120 seats outside on a second spacious terrace in the courtyard. It’s located on the ground floor of the building and with its well thought out and minimal design it makes it perfect for events of all kinds including weddings as well. Eatery & Bakery is a culinary mosaic serving contemporary food, made with respect to nature and its seasonal produce. Even though they get most of their produce from nearby farms and producers in Moravia region, they bring a lot of foreign flavours into the mix as well. Apart from everyday sale of freshly baked goods and their signature sourdough wheat-rye bread, they offer casual lunches, creative share-plate style dinners as well as dining experience evenings known as ‘chef’s table’.

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