Eco Hostel Floreale

Eco-Hostel Floreale is born from the alliance of sun & mediterranean, at the true heart of the Gulf of Naples, on the slopes of the National Park of the Vesuvius and overlooking the immense beauty of Capri Island.

About Our Hostel

US Cristiano (Neapolitan) and Chantal (Barcelonian) invite you to experience the magic of this still-so-little-known land, reinventing the spaces of a once-upon-a-time elementary school, expressing themselves through recycling – as life philosophy, as counter-current to consumerism, on a mission to preserve our beautiful and fragile planet. “Napule è mille culure, … (Naples is a myriad of colours)” — Pino Daniele The fruit of this young couple’s dreams, from the experience of their travels, the joy of colours, of the imagination in their creations, takes shape the Eco-Hostel Floreale under an ancient fuchsia bougainvillea of Herculaneum. A place to find the essence of Southern hospitality, our eco-resort comes with all comforts, free rental of bikes and kayaks, guided hiking at request on the volcano and the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, and so much more. A hostel where animals are loved and welcome. Where one can take a yoga course, learn capoeira, visit a contemporary art exhibition or participate in a number of engaging events. An information and communication centre for travellers, and much more still. A hostel that goes beyond being just a hostel. “Travelling and communicating with other fellow travellers is what we love most and we want to share this with you, so you can experience the richness that Naples is. ” — Cristiano & Chantal THE SPACES 8 BEDROOMS WITH A FULL CAPACITY OF 34 GUESTS, AND IT DOESN’T END HERE …
  • At the ground floor level, an airy common dining room, with a bar and an industrial kitchen – of the ex-school canteen – hyper-equipped and free to use when you don’t feel like going to the restaurant or pub
  • A relaxation space that is also a gym thought out for utmost flexibility: movie projections, sport activities, art events, parties, fun&play!
  • The bedroom on ground floor is designed for people with physical disabilities and can be used for single or double occupancy
ON THE FIRST FLOOR WE OFFER YOU TWO 6-BED DORMS, ONE 4-BED AND TWO TWIN-BED ON THE SECOND FLOOR WE OFFER TWO 6-BEDDERS AND THE TERRACE – WITH A MAGNIFICENT OPEN SPACE FOR YOU TO SHARE, AND ALSO WITH A LAUNDRY All double rooms and the 4-bedders have private bathrooms, whereas the four large dorms have two mixed bathrooms to share, each with: 2 shower tubs, 2 toilets, 2 sinks. The open air spaces are:
  • The entrance terrace “Happy Colours space”,
  • The terrace on the 1st floor “Botanic Garden space” ,
  • The terrace on the 2nd floor “Roof Relax space” with a splendid panorama towards the Sorrento coast, Capri island and the Vesuvius.
There is free Wi-Fi and safes.

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(+39) 081 186 76 870 , (+39) 329 29 488 59


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