Looming Hostel

Looming is the first Eco-hostel in Estonia. It is managed by an NGO, and all revenue goes to maintain the hostel and support our different eco-projects.

About Our Hostel

Our main goals are raising awareness of environmental issues and inspiring travelers to be more environmentally conscious. We are focused on green living and re/upcycling, we want to show our guests, volunteers and also people in town how small changes in our everyday habits are easy but can make a difference. Our ideal aim is to host people who love travelling and socializing but want to keep their ecological footprint small. We also value creativity – we have often seen volunteers and guest contributing to the hostel with their own art and skills! We constantly have environmental experiments going on where anyone can learn or share their knowledge about ecological living (currently aquaponics, worm-composting and bokashi compost). Looming hostel – Stay green on the go!

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