Five Elements hostel

Five Elements Hostel was founded in 2008 with the goal to become the top choice for backpackers in Frankfurt & since then became famous for its incredible staff, super central location & best parties

About Our Hostel

We offer all kinds of accommodation from basic dorm beds to private rooms and even apartments with that skyline view you want to post on Instagram.

Our reception doubles as a fully equipped bar with daily happy hour, also daily we offer different kinds of activities from walking tours, pub-crawls to beer tastings, BBQ or free cooking, so no matter if you want to explore the city or socialize with your fellow travellers, we got the best option for you. We do our very best to bring our guests the full Five Elements experience. But sometimes things happen, so please note that activities may be changed/cancelled at any time.

We have breakfast every morning from 7:30-12 for 6,50 EUR. Our breakfast is vegetarian, and vegan friendly as we offer a variety of breakfast foods, ranging from different breads, locally sourced meats (local sausage & bacon), fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hummus, yogurts, nuts, cereals, muesli, jams, and more! We're also proud of the fact that the majority of our foods come without packaging, as a way to help reduce waste.

Other services / amenities include: free luggage storage, free linen and towels, skateboard / scooter rental, washer / dryer, guest kitchen, foosball + billiard, free tea + coffee all day.

Check-in / checkout are holiday friendly late; 4pm / 12 noon, breakfast is available til noon as well.

There is one tiny downside to our LOCATION: we are located smack dab in the middle of the RED LIGHT DISTRICT! Anyhow, it is NOT at all dangerous and our hostel has a HIGH safety standard. We only mention this so you don't find yourself surprised upon arrival. Our neighbourhood is home to some of the best food and clubs Frankfurt has to offer. In fact, the New York Times even wrote an article on our upcoming neighbourhood in 2016! However, if you don't feel comfortable staying in this area, feel free to book somewhere else.

lease not that we have a BEST PRICE policy for direct bookings, we add any commissions to our prices on booking engines, so booking direct saves you an average of 15%.

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