Goodmorning Hostel

Discover your new home in the best location. Meet awesome people. Have waffles for breakfast. Get lost in Lisbon’s tiny alleys.

About Our Hostel

Take a bike ride to Belém, explore Sintra or go to the beach. Watch the sunset on top of the hills. Try our cooking classes and chat all night long with a glass of sangria. Stay in and have fun or go out for a dance. The next day do it all again. Live the story of your life with us. Enjoy our bright rooms and big lounge areas. Fully prepared for the hot or the cold weather. Comfortable couches and a kitchen with all you need. Perfect to cook and to meet all the other guests! We have double rooms if you want your privacy or dorm rooms if you are in a total socializing mood. It’s your choice. Those little things that make travelling so much easier? You ask, we got them.

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