Budapest Garden Hostel

Budapest Garden Hostel, opened in 2019 is a typical backpackers Hostel where you can spend time with fellow travelers in a relaxed environment surrounded by trees, but still close to the buzzing life of the center.

About Our Hostel

We started organizing events for our guests in our “previous” Hostels, but we love to be in Budapest Garden Hostel, and especially we love the Garden! Its not a question that it’s our favorite place to be in the summer. Our Hostel welcomes everyone hoping to spend a nice and quality time in Budapest, and we are ready to make our best in terms of accommodation service, but just like helping to plan your trip or provide all the necessary information to make the best out of your trip. Our guests rated us 9,3 on our first year out of the maximum 10. We organise food & wine parties, cooking classes, bike tours, walking tours, cultural events, pub crawls, and so on!

Photo Gallery



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