HaBari - We Dorm

HaBari is a low cost, ethical and responsible hostel. We had an unused property in the heart of the Libertà district in Bari and we decided to transform it.

About Our Hostel

We gave it back life and so the first tourist accommodation facility in the city was born to employ boys and girls, Italians and foreigners with vulnerability so that they can undertake an inclusive path, combining hospitality and social responsibility. Yes, in the hostel you come to sleep after touring Puglia, as in any hostel on the planet. But HaBari is a bit different from the others, it is a place that aims to become a beating heart where we decided to insert it. The 153 square meters and 7 rooms that make up HaBari are just the physical place from which our project starts, which aims to create an effective and affective network between local realities and people, between residents and travelers. Bari is a city that is a bridge between a thousand cultures, it is a city where hospitality is at home, a place where ethnic groups, faces, knowledge are mixed that contribute to forming the geographical map of an ideal world where brotherhood and inclusion are meridians and parallels.

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