Ostello Bello Milan

You know, “bello” means beautiful in Italian. But surely, Ostello Bello is much more than just a beautiful place.

About Our Hostel

Ostello Bello is that place where time is worth it, pasta is good, beds are comfortable, cocktails are juicy and people are interesting…Not to mention the very groovy looking of the staff! And above all, that place where you can be the chiller you really are. Everything is so cozy and creative that you will immediately feel how Ostello Bello is not a home, not a hostel; it is the place to be for the most beautiful people of the world: the Travelers A real social-network, connecting everyone who wants to join in: From the young blondy adventurers, to the white sox-ed and sandal-ed old travelers, to well dressed Milanesi at the Happy Hour. You might choose an international mood, served in our very own Italian way. “Our aim was to show Milan what hostels really are. We love traveling and we love our city, and we wanted to combine our two passions. We wanted our hostel to be an open place for locals and travelers alike”. – Carlo Dalla Chiesa, CEO OB Do you think your tastes are too singular to be accomplished? Don’t play with fire, as Ostello Bello plays strong and it will never let you leave until satisfied.
  • Too lazy to bring an adapter? USB plug near each bed.
  • Missing videogames? Lounge with TVsat (with DVD, Wii, PS3).
  • Thirsty? Free welcome drink.
  • Intellectual? Book crossing.
  • Rock star? Musical instruments and karaoke
  • Competitive? Ping Pong table and Fuss-ball.
  • Reflective? Board-games.
Why Ostello Bello The Ostello Bello project started in 2010 when a group of friends decided to give voice to their passion for traveling and sharing. In via Medici 4 they found the perfect location, and all of them contributed to the renovation work. Using colored chalks, passion and sweat they built the foundation of Ostello Bello, which opened to the public on August 13th, 2011. One of the few Medieval streets of which survived the wars and the address of the firstborn of our family. Ancient Roman walls still run under the elegant street surface, right next to Ostello Bello basement; where while you’re trying to speak about latin with that nice intellectual over there, you can also enjoy an happy hour, a live concert or a live radio show depending on what the house offers. Walking through the doors of Ostello Bello is a journey itself. In one minute you will pass from the no-more-so-grey Milan to the colorful, happy and hottest place in town: the bar and the reception of Ostello Bello (Open 24/7), where everyone is more than welcome. The interior design can immediately make you feel safe and comfortable: there are enough chairs and tables to have all the neighbors for dinner, and still you will hardly find matching ones. A subtle way to remember to all the presents the ancient concept that different is okay and together we are beautiful. Vintage elements, maps of the world, flags, books and a very special collection of OB letters complete the décor of a space that heard more travel stories than Mr. Lonely Planet. The feeling of connection with the place and the people in there is even more amplified in the basement, the “jungle” of Ostello Bello (there is a super cool wallpaper with a lot of toucans on it). Recently renovated, this common space is where every night a different cultural activity takes place: from Karaoke to flea market, live concert, radio live and so more. But if you are more Netflix and Chill than party and beer, do not worry there is a place also for you. On the last floor a lovely terrace furnished with hammocks, vegetable gardens and BBQ will help you to find the nirvana. Or your new fiancé (and no, you would not be the first). Facilities In all the Ostello Bello when you pay, you will not receive just a bed. In the experience (and in the price) are included several facilities. An always open guest-reserved kitchen (rigorously fulfilled every morning) is there to whoever wants to share his or her food traditions with other guests, or simply to whoever wants to save a little bit of money to travel more. Ostello Bello knows that this is a thing plus it is very proud of its Italian food tradition, that’s why guests can always eat for free in the hostel. In addition to the guest kitchen, in fact, guests are provided with: free flow breakfast anytime they wake up, free dinner during the typical Italian Happy hour (7 p.m. – 9 p.m.), plus 24 hours free flow of coffee, tea and water. Ensuite bathrooms in every room, a piano, guitars, super-fast Wi-Fi and a lot of last but not least details – like luggage storage, Laptops or IPad to call your relatives, printing of your next boarding pass, safety deposit, Portable Wi-Fi modem, guides and maps, earplugs, shampoo, towels, hairdryer, locks and iron – complete the offer. A lot of thing (especially the Wi-Fi) for a unique goal: recreating that atmosphere. Where everyone feels accepted. “It’s the trip that matters, not where you came from”.

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