When travelling, we like to feel relaxed, connected, and make a positive impact. At Ecomama, you can do just that.

About Our Hostel

We like to bring people together, be responsible for the footprints we leave behind, and make you feel right where you belong.

We have quite some stuff going on. MAMA makes sure you get an experience that is both local and unique. You're able to just hang out, relax, connect with other travellers and have a great time. We might go out to an organic beer brewery or take you on one of our personalized Red Light district tours during summer. Don’t forget to put on your sunglasses!

The idea is simple. We want you to be able to connect with MAMA's residents, experience the city like an Amsterdammer and share the beauty of it all with your fellow travellers.

So, whether you are travelling with your crew and need a few beds, or you're on a romantic escape, looking for some luxury while exploring the world – we've got you covered. Our 7 room types range in size, privacy and budget.

Ps. For those into Instagram and social and stuff this is your spot. You can totally Instagram the sh*t of this place.

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+31 20 770 9529


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