WOW Amsterdam

WOW Amsterdam is a hostel that provides affordable accommodation for adventurous travelers who want to discover the city of Amsterdam in a unique way.

About Our Hostel

WOW is located in the former institute of technology complex in Amsterdam’s Kolenkit neighborhood, just around the corner from Bos and Lommer’s central square and public transport facilities, and surrounded by a myriad of cultural initiatives.

WOW Amsterdam offers clean and mean rooms in primary colors, for city people and art lovers.

It offers different types of dormitories, ranging from two, four, six, and eight. Each dorm has bunk beds and private bathrooms either in the room or in the corridor. WOW provides free WIFI, bed linen, breakfast and a private locker for every guest to store their luggage.
Towels and a lock for the locker can be bought at the reception.

What’s more? Lot’s of possibilities to meet other creative people!

The mix of temporary, art-minded guests with the artists-in-residence and the cultural activities in and around the complex, make WOW the perfect base from which to experience Amsterdam’s cultural and artistic attractions. The WOW lobby, restaurant and inner gardens are friendly and open places where you can easily make friends with like-minded people from all over the world.

If you book online on our own website and use the promotion code WOW you will always get the best rate available.

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