Penedo da Saudade Hostel & Suites

We have thus come to give you the latest local accommodation in Coimbra – Portugal, Penedo da Saudade – Suites & Hostel, closed to the garden with the same name, in a prime area of the city, calm and safe, within walking distance walk from the main tourist moorings in the city of Coimbra.

About Our Hostel

We are located at the UNESCO heritage city of Coimbra, where universities, cafés, terraces, monuments, churches, gardens, walks and also a city of cultural beauty await you. So smile, photograph, discover, explore, share, enjoy and be happy. Respecting resources of the original construction, the building of the beginning of the century. XX, once a Republic of Coimbra, was adapted to offer, we have spacious rooms, full of natural light, of different types: family rooms (up to 4 people), double rooms, a suite and dormitories (6 pax, 8 pax, 10 pax), which we believe to have characteristics and quality to receive guests.

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+35 937514507 or +35 239049889


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