Cantagua Hostel

Cantagua hostel started with the motivation to share our travel experiences together with our love for hostels and what they can offer.

About Our Hostel

With little experience and a lot of hard work, we started to build a home, and with it came an ever-growing family.
Patience and openness towards our client's desires and interests were our building blocks in creating a place where people feel at home, while promoting diversity and love for nature and culture. We strive to share our way of living, one that brings ecological awareness and a sense of community.

We offer air-conditioned mixed and girl only rooms. Each room containing 4-10 bunk-beds (two floors) with an ensuite. Each bed is designed for the ultimate traveller, a space with all the essentials, and privacy if needed with a pull across curtain on each bed. We also have a private large and cozy loft that offers privacy whilst enjoying the advantages a hostel has to offer.
Our common area is an open plan space surrounded by greenery, complete with a glass roof to allow the Valencian sun to stream in as the guests cook, read, chill and meet like minded people. We care about the comfort and satisfaction of our guests because it's all of them who have made Cantagua what it is today.

Made by our guests and for our guests, Cantagua is now a home for travelers from all walks of life looking for a happy and cozy place to feel "en casa". We aim to continue being a true family, a place where people feel enriched through, meeting, sharing and enjoying their time with others.

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