Vagabonds Belfast

Tara and Curt have toured the globe and have witnessed first hand the best and worst hostel accommodation the world has to offer.

About Our Hostel

Our manifesto is simple, to provide a clean, relaxed and affordable environment for those paying a brief visit to our honest city. Situated in the Queens Quarter just 5 minutes from the city centre, Museums, Train/Bus Station and the city’s best bars and cafes, we consider ourselves to have one of the best locations for travellers. Voted Number One Hostel!
  • Based on September and October 2009 customer ratings Vagabonds has been voted the number one hostel in all of the UK and Ireland!!!!
  • Based on Reviews of Vagabonds Belfast with We have been voted number 4 hostel in the UK and Ireland for 2010.
  • Based on reviews of Vagabonds Belfast with We have been voted 7th best hostel Worldwide for April 2012.

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