Che Holbox Hostel & Bar

A journey begins from the moment you imagine yourself in another place, from when you feel the need to leave your comfort zone to explore more and start your first online search.

About Our Hostel

If you consider yourself curious, restless, wanting to know other cultures, surround yourself with people from all over the world, have fun and live intense nights of partying, Che Hostels is your place. We are not a hostel, we are not a bar, we are not a space for interaction and entertainment. No! We are all that together and much more. We create an exceptional atmosphere so that each day becomes an adventure that leads you to capture the best stories in your feed. Not only do we offer you comfortable facilities for your rest, but we also make all your days a different experience, that you feed your senses, you connect with people from all over the world and with nature. Our activities are aimed at you enjoying paradisiacal places at affordable prices, contributing to the ecosystem, and leaving your mark. We want you to be part of this change and join our actions in favor of the environment.

We know how important breakfast is for our travelers, that is why we offer an excellent buffet breakfast in Tulum and Holbox every day from 7.30 to 11 am at an affordable price.

The banquet is served! Che Parrilla y Panadería in Tulum and Holbox offers an exquisite menu every day for you to enjoy in our bar. Karaoke nights, Beer pong championships, theme parties, a couple of challenging roulette wheels that will challenge you, and an active bar at night all help close your party days.

Receptionists? At Che Hostels we are colleagues, guides, friends. We will help you with all the doubts you have, we will take you to the best places, we will recommend where to eat, where to go dancing, the beaches, all the tips for you to visit the destination like a real local, get out of the touristy and connect with those corners that the Internet does not offer you.

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