Hostel Barra

Located in Barra 30m from the beach, close to the main attractions of Salvador such as the Barra – Ondina circuit in the carnival, Farol da Barra and Pelourinho, as well as the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs and the shopping Barra.

About Our Hostel

Enjoying exemplary service at an affordable price, Hostel Barra is an excellent choice of accommodation with quality and comfort. There are 60 (sixty) beds distributed in rooms and suites with air and fan, offering different alternatives for groups, besides the option for couples and families. We have collectives with air and fan that are separated by sex. All rooms have iron cabinets and as soon as you check in you will receive a lock. Bed linen and breakfast are included in the price. Our Cybercafé operates 24 hours a day. Our large kitchen offers the complete infrastructure, always at your disposal. Our computerized reception is 24 hours, with full support for guests: itinerary tips, city cultural programming, flight and bus schedules, useful telephones and other information of interest to the guest. Also at your disposal our laundry area. In our living area, you will have the opportunity to get together with other visitors, enriching your trip with new contacts.

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