The Cure for the "Travel Bug"

Written by Hayden

There are many different interpretations about the “Travel Bug,” and this is my understanding and cure for it.

Moving to London, and seeing the world for the first time as a traveler opened my eyes to the present moment. Normal day to day things while I was abroad seemed extraordinary to me, because everything was so different, and I did not know if I would ever get the chance to return to the amazing place I was visiting. When your time in a new place is coming to an end you want to “soak up every moment.”

I ask the question to you as to why this practice cannot be taken back to your hometown?

When I first came back to California, this idea of “enjoying every moment” was fresh, and I was eager to see many parts of California that I had never seen before. Some of the first things I did upon returning home was visit Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, skated the streets of LA, took the subway in LA, and went to different parts of the mountains in California.

What I did not realize is that I could forget this way of thinking, and become a part of a routine that I did not think was “good enough” or “fascinating enough.” When I think like this, I feel the “travel bug.” People talk about the “travel bug” and there can be many interpretations of this saying. For me, the “travel bug” meant excitement, adventure, happiness, and joy. The problem with my interpretation is the last part, “happiness and joy.” When I think like this, I am already telling myself that I will be “happier and more joyful” when I travel.

It has taken me years to understand what this meant to me, and with the help of self-reflection, a book called “The Power of Now,” and consistent practice,  I have been able to find the same happiness and joy in my day to day life. One of the sayings I think everyone should follow is to “make the ordinary, extraordinary.” Enjoy the “normal life” each day, like you would enjoy a day when you are traveling. Your normal day will now have excitement, adventure, happiness, and joy. Travel is important for many reasons, but this is my temporary cure for the "travel bug."

Life contains a bunch of ebbs and flows, so do not feel ashamed if at times in your life you forget to be in the present mindset. Learning about yourself will never end, and enjoying this process makes life rich and meaningful. We are not perfect people, but we can always grow.