Written by Hayden

There are many different interpretations about the “Travel Bug,” and this is my understanding and cure for it.

Moving to London, and seeing the world for the first time as a traveler opened my eyes to the present moment. Normal day to day things while I was abroad seemed extraordinary to me, because everything was so different, and I did not know if I would ever get the chance to return to the amazing place I was visiting. When your time in a new place is coming to an end you want to “soak up every moment.”

I ask the question to you as to why this practice cannot be taken back to your hometown?


written by Hayden J.

Hello Everyone!

The Hostel Group shares with you amazing hostels from around the world, and I encourage you to Book Directly with the hostel for any future reservations. This helps put more money into the hands of the hostel instead of the big Online Travel Agencies, and during these hard economic times, it is even more important to do so. My first real travel experiences took place 8 years ago when I was 20 years old, and these experiences have helped shape who I am today. (more…)

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